ACS Aesthetic Signature Lightroom Preset
ACS Aesthetic Signature Lightroom Preset

ACS Aesthetic Signature Lightroom Preset

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Ever wondered how ACS photos are edited? Now you can use the new preset to get the same look!

(This listing is for a file of preset that can be used on the Lightroom mobile app)

To Install:

  1. After purchasing, a "download" button will appear on your order confirmation screen.
  2. Download the file on your phone. 
  3. There should be an icon in the top right corner of your phone that you can click on to view the file. Click this and then save it as a photo. If you open your photo app, this file should just look like a gray/white photo.
  4. Next, open the Lightroom mobile app and click "Add" then either "from files" or "from camera roll" if you saved it there. 
  5. Click on the file you just downloaded and it should open a picture. Click on this picture then the three dots in the top right corner and "create preset".
  6. Now, you can name your preset ( you can use the name "ACS Aesthetic Signature Preset") and you're done!

To Edit with the Preset:

  1. Add a photo to Lightroom.
  2. On the bottom of the screen, scroll all the way to the end where it says "presets".
  3. Go to whatever preset folder you saved yours to, and then just click on the one you want to use. It's that easy! Depending on your lighting, you may want to adjust the light or temperature a little, but you should be able to get a super cute photo edited within seconds!!

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