Sticker Info and Care

The stickers are 100% waterproof. This means they can be washed, splashed on, and dried (with a towel). I would advise against putting them in the dishwasher or keeping them submerged in water for an extended period of time (a few days) as it could ruin the design or make the stickers peel off.

The stickers are scratch resistant which means light scratches from everyday use won't affect the design or durability, but strong scratches or ones from something sharp could make the design scratch off.

All stickers are PVC-free! PVC is a plastic, most commonly used for pipes, that can be very damaging to the environment because the process used to make this plastic releases harmful toxins. Instead, they are covered with a PET laminate. PET is the plastic that is used for water and soda bottles. It is all around much safer and can be easily recycled (this means you can recycle the stickers if you want to switch them up!). 

The stickers also have a 2-4 year outdoor life and they're made from premium PP film, which is a strong plastic film, with a permanent adhesive, so they shouldn't peel!